We're more than just a chocolate shop!

All our chocolates are made using high-quality natural ingredients. 

Our advantage resides on distinct flavours, personalize service and package customization designed to meet your most particular needs. 

Our Chocotejas

An exotic and unique chocolate treat prepared from 

traditional Peruvian recipes. Rich and tasty fillings 

mixed with roasted pecans, and covered in delicious 

premium Belgian dark chocolate!

Our Truffles

Rich and creamy centres made from delicious ganache

in a variety of flavours, covered in dark chocolate, 

cocoa powder, or a selection of nuts!

Our Bars

Our beautiful bars are each hand painted so no two are alike. They are the perfect treat when you want to indulge yourself!

Crunchy 100g - a balanced blend of dark chocolate and fine french crumbled biscuits;  

Marzipan 120g - inspired in the famous Mozart Rounds from Austria, this bar is filled with premium marzipan from Lubeck, Germany and perfectly infused with orange liquor.

Our Spreads

You will feel the smoothness and sweet aromas of our Spreads as soon as you open the jar!

Maple  Chocolate - made with pure Canadian maple, this creamy blend with dark chocolate is so intense and flavourful that you will want to eat it all at once.

Dulce de Leche - this delicious treat is prepared using the traditional recipe, with fresh whole milk and sugar, slowly cooked to reach the perfect aroma, taste and texture! You will LOVE it!


8 amazing flavours (assorted)

Dulce de Leche  - Marzipan - Maple - Vanilla - Espresso - Tea & Bergamot - Pisco Lime - Dark

Mini White Box (party favours)

2 hand painted chocotejas 


Signature White Box (small)

6 hand painted chocotejas


Signature Black Box (medium)

12 hand painted chocotejas


Limited Edition Large Box (with fancy ribbon)

24 hand painted chocotejas


Signature Black Box COMBO

6 hand painted chocotejas + 6 truffles covered in cocoa/nuts


Large Orders/ Catering

Available upon request . Email us for a quote.


5 great combinations with... (assorted)

Marzipan - Dark Chocolate & Nuts (Pralines/Pecans) - Cocoa - Speculoos (NEW)

Cello Bag or Mini Box

2 truffles covered in cocoa and/ or nuts


Signature White Box (small)

6 truffles covered in cocoa and/ or nuts


Signature Black Box (medium)

12 truffles covered in cocoa and/ or nuts


Limited Edition Large Box (with fancy ribbon)

24 truffles covered in cocoa and/ or nuts


Truffles Party Size (+50 pc) -NEW

Party size soft truffles covered in dutch organic cocoa

starting at $75


Unique tastes to entice your senses


Hand painted mini bars 2pk 

1 crunchy + 1 marzipan


Crunchy Bar 

Hand painted 120gr


Marzipan Bar

Hand painted 120gr


Dark Hot Chocolate sticks (2pk-4pk)

rich hot chocolate sticks with mini marshmallows


Hot Chocolate sticks (family pack)

8 rich hot chocolate sticks with mini marshmallows



2 delicious flavours that will make you want more!

Dark Chocolate Spread

Glass Jar 200gr


Dulce de Leche Spread

Glass Jar 200gr


Prices do not include provincial sales tax (HST).

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